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About Us

Tech has always fascinated us – what better way to grow a business than providing peace of mind to you?

Seated in the comfort of your home, through virtual access configured to your phone and rapid response company… you open your electric gate for your friend. You are both looking forward to that cinematic experience you get from your ceiling and wall mounted audio visual system – that massive screen connected to speakers you can barely see. There is load shedding but not to worry; you have a solar power back up system in place that you did not need to switch on… it seamlessly connected with no power interruption. We have an appointment with you tomorrow, you want to flaunt that beautiful garden during evening parties. What better way to have a luminous party than with lights that don’t go off even with load shedding? Yes… solar lights!

All that tech; that’s who we are – your one stop smart tech shop situated in the heart of Northriding, Johannesburg North providing solutions to Southern Africa. This far we have grown and refined the art of multi-dimensional tech through ultra-modern sustainability and trends… remember the vision is global.



Global Technology in security, power, connectivity and entertainment tech aims at creating smart, seamless, safe, agile and happy multi dwelling units, homes, schools, offices and industries; advanced and evolved. Think of it as how wine ages and acquires better taste

From 2010 intercoms with no video cameras, to CCTV cameras that used to run on vast cables so long properties would suffer massive damage from meters of trenching, not to mention the costs inquired on repaving thereafter…let’s not even mention the damaged wires – Global Technology has come a long way!

What Sets Us Apart


Our Differentiation

We uphold a professional ethics standard and we will continue to ensure fair practice, maintain international industry standards and deliver on our promises.


Our Staff

We've set a goal to attract only the most talented, qualified and experienced technicians and support staff. Our staff are not only field experts, but also possess excellent communication skills, ensuring first-class client relations.


Our Partnerships

We've developed international partnerships and channels, which allow us to deliver the best of services in South Africa and Africa in our collective goal of progress towards a stronger continent in the global economy.